Blowin’ In The Wind


Do you ever feel as though you are a dandelion seed, blowin’ freely in the wind with no sure direction of where you’re heading? I have felt that way for years and just yesterday, I was able to overcome one thing that has been holding me back for some time. When you own something of sentimental value and you struggle to do away with it, you aren’t making it any easier for yourself to move on. I always found it difficult to listen to my inner voice in times like those — I would keep tight hold of the things I thought I needed around, but soon came to realise I didn’t need them as much as I may have believed.

After many years of feeling nothing but love, I came to understand it was platonic and that the man I was with, was simply a very good friend and we had always been better that way. Of course, I hold no regrets over the relationship we did share. Now that we are back to being friends and I understand fully there is no longer anything between us, I have found the courage to take off the engagement ring I have been wearing for some time. That, more than anything, is very important to me. I’ve been unable to remove it for so long, but now, I feel completely okay with where we are and no longer feel saddened by any of the things that went wrong between us. Removing that ring was a huge step for me.

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